ThereAreNoRoads is the brain baby of Nick West, a life experimenter dedicated to self-improvement, perpetual learning, and smiling for no apparent reason.  Growing from his insatiable desire to understand the minds and actions of people living fulfilled lives, or those who are ruthlessly pursuing one, he created There Are No Roads as a community for those who are obsessive towards excellence, and those people who are looking for that extra nudge to get off the couch, and make a change — whatever change that may be.

Nick has worked in the startup world both with his own company and in the e-commerce environment.  He now works for an advisory firm while studying to complete his professional certification in entrepreneurship and innovation through Stanford University.

There Are No Roads operates within the philosophy that there are no defined paths to achieve your goals.  Everyone creates a new, unique road.  Packed with what we hope you find to be engaging content, insights, unique experiences, and utter randomness, There Are No Roads is much like a good romantic comedy – it’ll make you think a little about your own life, while potentially inspiring a slight giggle, and every once in a while, a tear or two of joy.

Keep an open mind towards new experiences, and enjoy – our team is going to work hard to make this a place you can call your safe little internet home.

(Nick lives & works in Washington DC, and you can e-mail him at nick@therearenoroads.com — Find the rest of our team and our instagram bio’s by clicking here)