Community Guidelines

There Are No Roads is first and foremost, a community of creators sharing their thoughts, ideas, and musings in order to help each other improve and better ourselves in the quest to achieve our goals and follow our passions. In that same regard, we encourage positivity and the spread of more ideas, tips, & insights in the ‘comments’ section of each post.  Please help us to create an open environment that helps us all to better ourselves by keeping the following in mind:

1.Be constructive, not destructive
2.Share your thoughts openly — we do encourage healthy civil disagreement
3.We will not tolerate bias, prejudice or any discriminatory mumbo jumbo
4.We reserve the right to remove any 3rd Party Spam content, and any content that we deem to be defamatory, or directly damaging to one’s character, as well as other unacceptable content

The TANR team reserves the right to define and determine what is ultimately deemed “unacceptable content.”