7 Quotes That Prove Wilson from Home Improvement Was A 90’s Philosopher

Behold, the wisdom of Wilson from Home Improvement!wilsonhome

1) Wilson: “My heart attack didn’t kill me, so why act like it did? See, Tim, it was the Roman philosopher Seneca who said “if we let things terrify us, then life is not worth living.”

2) Tim Taylor: “What’re you doin’?”
Wilson: “Just carving out a canoe, Tim.”
Tim Taylor: “…Sounds hard.”
Wilson: “Not really, Tim – you just take a big block of wood, and chip away everything that’s not a canoe.”

3) WIlson: “Parents are the bone on which children sharpen their teeth. What I’m saying is that when a boy is young, he worships his father and in order for the boy to become a man, he’s got to see his father as a fallible human being and stop seeing him as a god.”

4) Wilson: “Tim, it’s not unusual for a father to want his sons to succeed. You know I’m reminded of what Wally Schirra, the astronaut, said, ‘You don’t raise heroes, you raise sons, but if you treat them as sons, they’ll turn out to be heroes, even if it’s just in your own eyes’.”

5) Wilson: “You know Tim, there’s an old folk saying. Obsessions are like fire and water. Good servants, but bad masters. See the point is: do you rule your obsession, or does your obsession rule you?”

6) Wilson: “Well, Tim, I’m reminded of what the Chinese philosopher Chuang Tse said. You cannot speak of the ocean to a well frog, you cannot speak of ice to a summer insect.”

And the best of them all…

Tim: Wilson, are you naked?
Wilson: No, Tim, I am wearing a hat. 

…Now who’s got some theories on why they didn’t show his face??

And a little one on one chat…

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