Did a Couple of Babies Just Help Answer One of Life’s Fundamental Questions? (Amazing VIDEO)

Are we born good or bad? The BABY LAB may give us the answer…by Melissa West
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Are humans born inherently good or bad? Are we predisposed to being kind or mean from the moment we’re born? Can we understand what’s right from wrong due to something that’s built in to our being or is it something we learn from our environment?

The biggest clue we could get to answer these questions would be by interviewing a baby shortly after they’re born; maybe ask them a few questions to get a feel for what they believe is right or wrong. The key is gauging the morality of a baby before outside influences begin to manipulate their little baby minds. Unfortunately, the communication capability of your common baby is extremely limited. They can’t exactly explain to us why they think stealing is wrong, let alone hold their heads up straight or stop drooling on themselves. Their lack of communication skills has made it incredibly difficult for scientists to study babies and answer these very important aforementioned questions….until now.

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Demetri, the wisest baby there ever was.

One set of scientists set out to discover any innate awareness between right and wrong in babies. 60 Minutes covered the incredible undertaking in an extremely interesting segment about…THE BABY LAB.

I’ve never seen such a controlled and technical approach to figuring out babies. I personally want a job at the baby lab. All day just asking…. “What’s going on in your little baby brain, you cute little baby?” “Who’s the cutest little baby there ever was?”  “Aren’t you just the nicest baby in the whole wide world?”  “Peek-a-boo you chubby little baby!”

Yeah, I’d suck at that job…

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