Man Changed His Name to FM-2030. Had Future-Telling Larry King Interview in 1989 (VIDEO)

Transhumanism and other crazy (or are they?) future ideas from the 80’s…. by Ryan Ulbrich

I recently stumbled upon an interview from 1985 between Larry King and FM-2030, a noted author, consultant, and lecturer at UCLA who changed his real name to reflect his futurist philosophy. In this bizarre exchange, FM-2030 brings to the fore the idea of transhumanism– the stage beyond the human–whereby 2030 we become a life form that “coasts to immortality.” His book, Are You A Transhuman?, is a series of self-tests to prepare you for what is to come.

​The conversation forecasts changes in relationships and the family structure, the erosion of government, and our de-emphasis on nationality, ancestry, and ethnicity. Some of these predictions are slowly coming to fruition, some aren’t, and some (I hope) never will. But it did get me thinking about my own predictions of the future, and where we’re headed in the next few decades before our generation becomes a collective ghost.

​Late last year, tech publication Popular Mechanics did a fascinating piece titled “110 Predictions of the Next 110 Years.” In it, the editors suggest universal fluency through mobile phones, the digitalization of all books to fit into the size of a hockey bag, climate-controlled jackets for use in warfare, genome sequencing and a whole host of other fascinating ideas.

And here is a quote by a credible business executive and foreseer Dave Evans, Chief Technology Officer and Resident Futurist at Cisco Systems:

“As we branch out as a species, it’s quite reasonable to think that we’ll send 3D printers to other planets to print habitats for humans prior to our arrival.”

​What does the future hold for YOU?

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  1. Nick West Sr.
    October 8, 2013 at 6:57 pm

    He may be Elon Musk’s father!

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