The Government Has Created A Disgusting Health Epidemic. New Documentary ‘Fed Up’ Seeks to Change That.

“We’re blaming willpower, and it’s a crime…” {YOU MUST WATCH THIS TRAILER}Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 12.32.19 PM

There have been several documentaries (most recently, Food, Inc.,) tons of books (Check out Food Rules) and a ridiculous amount of articles (4 Ways The FDA is not ‘Protecting and Promoting Your Health) that have done their very best to poke holes and reveal the atrocious system and guidelines set forth by the FDA. To break it down simply, the U.S.’s governing body for the things that we put into our body uses a filters with 10 foot wide holes. What falls through that filter and into our bodies? Basically a bunch of ingredients, hormones, antibiotics, and ingredient levels that have literally turned our bodies into sugar-dependent, fat-storing, lethargic waste-baskets.  And, I’m not even being hyperbolic here.  It is absolutely laughable how the FDA’s regulations compare with that of other countries in the world.

Here are some quick quotes from Fed Up, out May 9th, and the trailer below:

“The are 600,000 food items in America, 80% of them have America… You’re going to become an addict.”

“This is the first generation of American children expected to lead shorter lives than their parents.”

“Over 95% of all Americans will be overweight or obese in 2 decades.”

“By 2050, 1 out of every 3 Americans will have Diabetes.”

Educate yo’self: 

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