Laughter Yoga is Actually a Thing.

An old travel doc from one of Monty Python’s greatest talents… by Melissa WestScreen Shot 2013-11-25 at 11.00.25 PM

This old video of John Cleese, the British ‘Monty Python’ actor, taking part of a Laughter Yoga class in India is pretty much as random as it sounds. Dr Madan Kataria, the star of what seems to be Cleese’s amateur travel video, discusses the incredible effects of laughter, even if you’re faking it. The concept is that a large group of people basically get together and just…laugh it out. Simple. Yet profound?

I remember talking to my brother, the dude who founded this very website, one evening about a yoga class he took earlier that day. He said at one point in the class the teacher instructed everyone to let out a big belly laugh. After laughing at him myself, I literally thought it was the most ridiculous thing I’d ever heard. Then weeks later I stumbled upon this video very randomly and really began to understand why it’s actually kind of a genius idea. Imagine starting every morning with a group of people and just laughing! For no reason! My little bro’s whacky yoga instructor was on to something.

In moments of laughter, we are usually happy and briefly aware of the absurdity and hilarity of life. I believe these moments are vital to human consciousness. We must recognize the simplicity and joy of living and if it means doing it through the simple practice of laughter, then why not practice it purposefully? John Cleese and this goofy band of people sure as hell make it look like a lot of fun.

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