Less Than 10 Geniuses Have Rigged Wall Street & We Don’t Stand a Chance.

Wild new documentary Wall Street Code: “90% of finance doesn’t know how the US stock market works.” … by Nick West
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The Twitter IPO is coming up, and then hopefully down the road SnapChat will go public. Soon after, I’ll be a multi-kajillionaire because I’m a social media guru genius whose last 6.5 second Vine was a video of me apple picking with my girlfriend. 2 people liked it. Money. In. The. Bank. Meanwhile, Einstein level geniuses are literally creating such complex and adaptable algorithmic technology that they’re making billions of dollars per year, all the while, the SEC can’t figure out which way is up and whether any of this stuff should even be legal.  If this quick breakdown of Wall Street Code  doesn’t tickle your nerd bones, then I don’t know what will:

“Less than 10. Way less than 10 people with the technical competencies…” [are rigging the entire system]

Minute 6: “There’s kind of a rule: never blame other people, never blame the market, never blame the other trader, it’s always you. Your Code. Yourrrr code.”

Minute 30: “If you’re on Wall Street, you’d just assume you’re being ripped off, unless you’re the one doing the ripping off.”

Minute 42: “In Wall Street, you talk about the culture of secrecy. You just don’t go to the SEC.” 

Interviewer: “When a pension fund or mutual fund is putting a large order in the markets, how is the order being called in jargon among traders?”

Math Guy: “It’s the dumb money. It’s the low hanging fruit. It’s dinner. It’s the bread and butter. It’s all these algo’s (math geniuses) do, they try to detect when that’s happening….” “…They’re just going to steal a little bit off the top.”

“It’s too complicated for people to understand.”

“90% of finance doesn’t know how the U.S. stock market works.”

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