What Would Happen If The Gap, H&M, And Other Companies Did This With Their Leftovers?

Entrepreneurs leading the way for social good … by Nick West/Naadam CashmereScreen Shot 2014-03-17 at 3.21.34 PM

Ever since we interviewed the guys over at Naadam Cashmere, we’ve been watching their progress, and cheering on their entrepreneurial journey from the sidelines. At a surface level, they make absolutely beautiful clothes using the most comfortable material possible. Since our interview, they’ve opened up a showroom in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City, revamped their website, and added to their stunning collection of sweaters and accessories.

When you look deeper into their company story, and more recently, watch this awesome video of them using their excess materials for a heartwarming cause, you’ll see their authentic desire as a company to do good in the world. (Check out the youtube clip below highlighting Naadam’s most recent act of benevolence)

When asked by TANR about the video, cofounder Matt Scanland told us, “…At Naadam we see the value in small and large impact projects. Whether it is livestock insurance to Nomadic herders or left over sweaters to New York City’s homeless population, we recognize the value of thinking beyond the bottom line. We had a lot of left over sweaters from different production development runs this season, it has been a rough winter in New York.

The idea to hand these cashmere sweaters out was a pretty natural reaction. Approximately 9.5 million tons of clothing and various textiles are thrown away every year. Large organizations discard massive amounts of defective product or repurpose them and sell abroad. Perhaps these larger organizations are protecting their reputation in the market place but the reality is that there are plenty of people who could benefit from those defective products here in the United States. We had to ask the simple question, what if those ‘larger organizations’ gave those products away too?”

…Now, imagine what could be accomplished if the largest commercial companies followed suit…

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