Positive Psychology to Enhance Your Work Experience (TED Talk)

Yes, it will continue to be a theme…we love TED talks. …By Brittany Sheehan

We also like anything that has to do with making us happier in our jobs and in life in general. This video displays Shawn Achor, who has dedicated his life (including spending 8 post-grad years in a college dorm, studying students – yikes!) to understanding the correlation between success and happiness. What he found may be groundbreaking in his field of study, but it’s really just common sense.

By telling ourselves that we’ll be happy once we get a new job, a better job, a bigger apartment, a bigger house, we’re permanently placing happiness just outside of our reach. If instead, we can use several of the tactics Achor outlines to make ourselves happy in the present, we are actually more likely to become those more successful people we keep striving to be. Oh, and he is pretty hilarious, to boot. Suggestion: Multiply this post with the video below, and you will begin your journey into the realm of positive psychology while taking real steps to enjoy what you do everyday, just a little bit more.

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