Restaurant Owner Admits the Hard Truth Regarding Healthy Eating by Placing the Ashes of Dead Customer on Interview Desk (VIDEO)

“Corporate America, to up their sales, has decided to ‘pretend’ to take another course…” by Nick West


This guy’s unapologetic response to America’s infatuation with eating out and fast food is a breath of fresh air. In response to the thinly veiled marketing tactics of U.S. restaurant chains, Las Vegas’s ‘Heart Attack Grill’ owner John Basso, explains how we are living in a state of ‘nutritional denial’ in the below video via Bloomberg. In the end however, it’s pretty obvious that this type of awe-inspiring honesty still positively affects the bottom line of the bad guy…

Check out the video here: John Basso & The Heart Attack Grill

What do you think are John’s true motives?

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