Seinfeld More or Less Predicts Our Obsession with Social Media Back in the 90's (VIDEO)

A prescient anecdote from the comedic genius himself… by Brittany Sheehan

Quick, go check that Instagram picture you posted  of a yoga mat 11 seconds ago. Congrats! Random Girl From Middle School has already liked it, and your Co-Worker’s Boyfriend whom you met one time commented “beautiful!” So you’re feeling pretty popular now, aren’t you?

We’re all guilty of it: the need for approval and acceptance from our peers. Social Media has brought this need into glaring focus. It’s like an addiction; the more we get, the more we want. Our parents wail “what’s wrong with your generation? You’re obsessed with keeping in touch with people you don’t even like!” Well I have news for our parents. We didn’t invent this phenomenon. I stumbled upon a hilarious clip from Jerry Seinfeld’s stand up years ago, which the poster aptly titled “Facebook In The 90’s”. So don’t beat yourself up too much the next time you smile at the number of vague acquaintances who Favorited your tweet. Our parents were victims of the trap too.


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