How to Spot a Liar at Work & Managing Your First Impression (VIDEO)

+ The 4 tell-tale signs that reveal a liar… by Nick West
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Carol Kinsey Goman is a consultant, author, speaker, and blogger. This is her video lecture filmed at Stanford Business School expanding on Carol’s most popular blog post ever.  It reveals some shocking facts about how we judge and create biases towards others, even within the first 7 seconds of meeting another person.  For example, what does a phrase like “To the best of my knowledge” truly mean? Or even more interesting, why the simple statement: “I did not have sexual relations with Ms. Lewinsky,” was such a dead giveaway (even though we all knew Bill was a dirty dog from the start). Below is the video, and a rough table of contents that I’ve put together for your viewing (and skipping) pleasure. Enjoy: (Youtube link)

5:40 – ‘How do you decide if someone you work with is trustworthy?”
“We decide if someone is trustworthy within the first 7 seconds of meeting them”
7:30 – “How we really evaluate trustworthiness”
9:30 – “More biases that interfere with deception”
14:56 – verbal and nonverbal signs of deception
19:50 – Physical cues that point out dishonesty
25:20 – “The Tell-Tale 4″ – The 4 signs that identify someone as a liar
26:05 – The biggest myth around deception
27:35 – The truth about eye contact
28:00 – Eye dilation and blink rate associated with lying
29:30 – Emotional incongruence
31:30 – How to deal with liars
32:28 – You strategy for dealing with a liar starts with these questions
36:10 – How not to look like a liar when you’re telling the truth
40:00 – A great personal story about a friend who failed to gain trust with an audience

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