This Tweet Changed My Financial Future

imageCall me gullible, just don’t call me fiscally irresponsible.

I paid for ATM fees.  I didn’t understand smart, long-term investing, and I certainly do not know exactly why I picked the particular fund that holds my 401k savings.  I also don’t budget out my weekends, (let me get hmm, wait…6 shots, please), and I haven’t thought about how much money I’d need to comfortably retire, mostly because the thought absolutely scares the shit out of me. These things are foreign to me, because they are too complicated. It is absolute information overload, and I had become financially paralyzed.

Ultimately, I’d done my best to avoid becoming responsible when it comes to my personal finances. My conscious mind told me, “If I face this, then I’m going to have to downgrade the lifestyle that I currently enjoy.”

Then, I came upon that tweet from above.  Raised their income by 30k? My bullshit sensors were at an all-time high. The lights were flashing, the smirk was on, and yet, I looked into it more. I have no idea why, but I did.

Turns out, Ramit Sethi, the author of I Will Teach You to Be Rich is a part of the unofficial web of nouveau efficiency and self improvement gurus (i.e., Tim Ferriss, John Romaniello, Gary Vaynerchuck, etc.), and like those aforementioned life killers, Ramit makes a rather boring subject (personal finance), into a hip proposition.

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In the book, he starts from the beginning with understanding exactly how banks make money, and takes that foundational knowledge and uses it as a springboard to better negotiate credit card and savings accounts rates and fees, ditch your current banking situation, understand your 401k, negotiate with lenders, and manipulate your personal finance strategies in a way that will increase your credit score.  In the end, the goal is to get rich. And while he stays grounded in reality, reminding us that this isn’t an overnight process, he truly paints a realistic vision. (This is key for me, if I don’t believe it, I won’t do anything about it.)

Like all great efficiency experts, he gives you actual scripts and templates to building your own personal finance future, and threads that structure with other interesting ways to be a lord of the fiscal environment.  For example, he talks about the best way to negotiate a lease or the purchase of a new car.  Hint: (E-mail all the dealerships in your state with the exact car you’re looking for and have them bid for your business, rather than wasting your time going from place to place, and having to negotiate with them yourself). Strewn throughout, these anecdotes will transform you from a financial ninkumpoop, to the $$Ninja you always knew you could be.


This book is an investment that will pay dividends. Treat yourself to it in order to take control — to ease your anxiety. If you pay student loans, this book helps you eliminate that debt faster. If you have a few extra bucks every month that you would love to see grow, rather than deflate against the rate of inflation while sitting in your crappy savings account, then read this book.  If you want to retire some day, then read this book.

Okay? Cool.

Buy it here: I Will Teach You To Be Reach, or get it on whatever device you use to read  — just take control now rather than later (no one wants Fiscal Fomo when they’re 65 years old. NO ONE)

Crush The Week,


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