This Video Will Get You Off Your Phone to Begin Relishing The Present Moment

PUT IT DOWN…. by Brittany Sheehan


Have you ever been out to dinner, looked around the table, and had the lonely realization that you were the only one whose head wasn’t buried in their lap, scrolling and typing and posting? Have you ever looked around a concert venue and realized you were the only one without your phone in the air, documenting every note?

On the other hand, has a spontaneous burst of laughter jarred you back to a room, and the realization that YOU missed the hilarious story your friend just told everyone because you were trying to check-in on Foursquare? Or have you caught yourself musing about what a great picture the ocean in front of you would make, instead of running into the waves?

I’ve been all of those people this summer and the video below does an excellent job bringing my reality – all of our realities – to light.  I’m heading to the beach right now, and I’ve promised myself that, at least for tonight, no pictures.

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