Watching and Sharing Humor will Make You Feel More Connected (VIDEO)

Humor That Will Enhance Your Social Life … By Allie Gold

Charlie Todd causes scenes. Literally. He started the “Improv Everywhere” initiative as a creative outlet for his penchant for comedy and the performing arts.  Without warning, the Improv Everywhere team performs and records hilarious and outlandish improv scenes around the nation, including the famous “no-pants subway ride”.  Through the hilarity, these scenes are not only meant to provide entertainment; they are meant to produce feelings of connectedness between the bystanders of the improv act (and the viewers world-wide once it is posted on YouTube).

 Social psychology research strongly supports the hypothesis that laughing and making others laugh evokes a sense of closeness and connectedness between individuals.  When you see something that gives you a child-like chuckle, it is likely that you will want to share the link/video/picture/event/story with friends to provide them with the same level of entertainment. We feel connected by this inherently convivial experience simply though sharing the link. Todd’s mission is to create positive experiences for others.  We are capable as social media consumers to share and perpetuate that positive experience with others, enhancing our friendships and providing a good round of laughs along the way.

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