I Bought and Experimented with the Anti-Hangover Supplement That Actually Works?!

Drinking in the name of science …by Nick West

I used to work in the beverage business. Most specifically, the ‘functional beverage’ business. During that time, I would fly to all the convenience store conferences around the country, selling my drink to vendors. I’d also find time to wander the floor to try out all the new drinks and potions claiming to put us to sleep, increase our sex drive, help us relax, increase our energy, etc.. You name it, and someone’s trying to create a business out of it. One category of functional beverage that has been desperate to grow out of its shell is the ‘anti-hangover’ drink. I tried a bunch of different full size can hangover drinks, mini-shots (like 5 hr. energy), and even a spray.  Nothing worked. Not even close.

Recently, however, I opened up my Urban Daddy newsletter. UD normally promotes new events or restaurants in my neighborhood, but every once in a while, they have a product promotion relationship that they offer a special deal on. 99.9% of the time, I ignore.
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With this product, LyteShow, I immediately pulled the trigger. It was too enticing to ignore.

Personally, hangovers are the bane of my existence, and even though I don’t drink too much these days, I do like getting a little loose with my friends every once in a while. You know. Dance floor. 3.5 bars, loud conversations, general confusion, the whole shabang. And every time I do that, I’m a completely worthless human being the next day.

So, my 3-pack of Lyteshow happened to arrive 2 days before heading to Tulum, Mexico for a vacation. Perfect timing.

First, some details (As claimed by the packaging):
-Zero Sugars
-Zero Calories
-Nothing Artificial

Slogan: Electrolytes for People Who Drink – “For Rapid Rehydration”

How it worked:
As instructed, I mixed the 40 drops while I began “pregaming” (are the kids still calling it that these days?) with a big ole glass of water.  (Hint: if you do buy this, the larger the glass of water the better, as this stuff tastes like absolute ass.  Diluting it as much as possible will help)  I drank that early on during the nights that I was “getting after it.”  On average, while on vacation, I was drinking about a half a bottle of wine, plus a couple a beers, and a mixed drink or two.  Maybe a cigar or something as well. More than enough to induce a hangover.  This was all for science though, so it was okay.

Both myself and my travel companion experienced limited to zero hangovers. The key to killing it is immediately having another glass with the LyteShow mixed in as soon you wake up.  Now, it should be noted that you’ll still feel groggy and slow the next day, mostly because LyteShow doesn’t create a more productive sleep, and if you know anything about hangovers, then you know that it reduces the quality of your slumber.

Essentially, it removes the head and tummy hangover. It’s like Gatorage on human growth hormones. I wasn’t sick and I didn’t feel like my head was a dirty fishbowl.

Also, being that vacations are magical, and I realized that it might have been too nice an environment to really let a hangover fully effect me, I did some drinking here in the District of Columbia (again, in the name of science), but this time I left my apartment without any Lyteshow. I woke up debilitated. I was hurt, hurt real bad. Hurt so bad that I completely forgot I had the product in my home until about 2:30pm. I drank a glass, took a nap, and woke up almost 100% better. I love this stuff.

Other Key Info from Lyteshow’s Website:

  • Each 4 ounce bottle contains 40 servings of LyteShow concentrate. Depending on usage, each bottle lasts approximately 2-6 weeks.
  • Ingredients include balanced ions of magnesium, sodium, chloride, and potassium. Also contains zinc, an essential trace element, and citric acid.
  • Adds a slightly tart and salty flavor to water. This is a functional, health-focused product. If you prefer blue berry blast (or other artificial flavors), we suggest you look elsewhere!
  • Contains no calories, sugars, sweeteners, carbohydrates, artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. Non-GMO, vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free.
  • Naturally sourced mineral base from the Great Salt Lake in Utah.
  • Manufactured in an FDA-regulated and NSF GMP-certified facility.
  • Perfect for adding to hydration packs or water bottles, as it will not leave a residue or contribute to the growth of mold or bacteria.

You can buy LyteShow here on Amazon! ($12.95 for 2-6 weeks worth of LyteShow, depending on how much you drink)

If you have any questions about the product, or my use of it, feel free to leave a comment below.

BONUS: Dr. Oz just had one of my favorite entrepreneurs on his show, Gary Vaynerchuk to talk about his anti-hangover secret!

(As always, I paid for this product on my own, but I will earn a couple cents if you purchase Lyteshow via Amazon) 

**Update: Someone from Lyteshow reached out and suggested you squeeze some lemon in the water or add in a dab of juice to offset the flavor…in case you do try it out!

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2 thoughts on “I Bought and Experimented with the Anti-Hangover Supplement That Actually Works?!

  1. marc
    February 28, 2014 at 9:58 am

    got the same newsletter from urban daddy and i too discard about 99.9% of them.. this one tho, caught my attention and decided to read a review; it happened to be yours and i thank you and will now be placing an order! in regards to your sleeping, have you tried DreamWater? I have been using it since I found out about it and in my opinion, it honestly does work. If you are not tired that is, I tried it once when I was already tired to hopefully prolong my sleep, and boy did it have a revers effect on me. Anytime I have an issue sleeping, I take 1/3 – 1/2 the bottle and am out like a baby. Thanks again for your review!

    1. Nick West
      February 28, 2014 at 12:27 pm

      Funny you say that — I started a company (RelaxZen) that really helped launch the entire sleep shot category of functional beverages … The Dream Water guys have absolutely crushed it…good friends with them

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