How I Wake Up Early Even Though Sometimes I Feel Like I’m Ditching Heaven (PART 2)

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….So, now you’re awake. But not yet, wide awake. (Part 1 here, by the way) We educated ourselves, and most importantly, we avoided the snooze button (I cannot stress how important this is — it’s literally the difference between walking around in a daze all day and crushing your to-do list like a champion.) But remember, this is only step 1.

The ultimate goal here is to kick off your morning in a way that ensures sustained energy throughout the day, while at the same time, maximizing the time that you have in your place of living, before getting out the door.

First, a list of things you should get done:

1) Meditate
2) Have a non-carby, clean meal
3) Take a shower
4) Get your clothes on
5) Do work
6) Get out the door

Do work, you ask? Yes. Most people reading this have something else they want to do outside of their day job that they know will be more fulfilling, or will at least begin leading them to understand something new that can benefit their lives.  Guess what, I love blogging & writing. Also guess what? I’m taking online classes, I kickbox, go to the gym, I’m trying to make this website a compelling environment for people who want to better their lives, and I have to be social in order to avoid being the hermit-like blogger who literally becomes a part of their couch.  Oh yea, and I have a day job where I’m trying to be of increasing value day in and day out.  We’re all scary busy, but maybe some people haven’t quite thought about the work that needs to be put in to do what you want to do.  The mornings are when you can separate yourself from the competition, and hone your new craft. Plus, Real Housewives of New Jersey is on at 9, and ya can’t miss that. (please don’t watch that)


Being a boss in the morning, makes ya feel good allllll dayyyyy….

Supercharging your morning can be the difference between leading the normal life that you’re bored of, and beginning to carve a new path, or at least a fork in the road that splits into two parallell, fast-moving highways.

The activities that I listed above all serve their own, special purposes:

1) Meditate – Meditation is life’s coffee.  Learn to do it.  Meditation and it’s benefits will be a key theme in subsequent posts (one of my life’s goal is to make meditation cool for everyone), but here’s a couple: better decision making, less stress, clearer overall thinking, and a new outlook on life (yes, this is bold, but I’m just saying what I’ve found to be true.) Here’s a FREE book on meditation (yes, this is legal — you can also download it for free through iBooks)

2) Shower – This is going to sound crazy, and I can’t say that I do this all the time, but when I have a day that I’m looking to be at the ultra-top of my game, I take it cold. The benefits of cold showers are aplenty: This article should convince you why: Ten Health Benefits of Cold Showers
 Personal tip: just ease your way into it…start warmish, and sloooowly turn that dial, gurl/boi.


Ooo…dass, cold

3) Get your clothes on – Unfortunately, naked work places are not yet a reality (#legalize)

4) Eat Healthy – In terms of importance, this one is doing a big strong chest bump with meditation. DO NOT EAT A BAGEL OR A TOASTER STRUDEL (pop-tart), or ANYTHING FULL OF CARBS.  This will send you flying like Icarus.  (Wax wings remember? The dude fell. He was hurt, hurt real bad).  Instead, have some fruit, or NATURAL oatmeal or the best, a greens shake, with fruit and protein.  Avoid that 9pm crash at all costs.


Cause of death? Cinnamon swirl pop-tart, sir.

5)Do whatever fun work you want (write, or workout, take a run (the world is a beautiful place when most people are asleep), just find something fulfilling to do.

6) Get out the door. All you’ve gotsta do is grab your stuff from your centralized flea market wall piece.

You should generally know in what order you’re going to do all of these key activities.  I’m not going to say one way or the next is better, because to a point, you’re up and you’re doing shit. And that’s more productive than 99% of the people out there.

…Or you can just sleep in till the last minute and skip most of that. I do that sometimes too. Burp.



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