Knowing the pHacts About Alkalization Can Dramatically Improve Your Health. (A How-To Guide)

Let’s add some balance to your health … by Mia Uren
Eat Your Greens

Alkaline. That’s just something to do with batteries, right? That’s exactly what I used to think before I got into this whole health business shebang. I never realized that this word actually plays a HUGELY important role in our overall health and wellbeing and most importantly, our body’s ability to heal itself.

Alkalising refers to balancing the pH (potential hydrogen) levels of the body. The ideal pH level of the human body should be around 7.35. (More into how to gauge your levels below) If the body’s pH levels are not slightly alkaline, they are too acidic. This makes the body a breeding ground for disease, bad bacteria and cancer cells, as a result, rendering the body unable to heal itself.

Good pH or alkaline levels are essential for good health.

Some health issues of a highly acidic body (low PH levels) include but are not limited to:

* weight gain
* upset stomach, poor digestion and bloating
* killing off of good bacteria in the gut – so much of our mental and physical health is linked to our gut health
* headaches
* fatigue
* trouble sleeping
* bones more prone to break and fracture
* arthritis
* teeth erosion
* low immune system
* decrease the body’s ability to absorb minerals and other nutrients
* decrease the body’s ability to detox and discard of heavy metals

Some things that cause the body to become acidic include:

* red meat
* eggs
* soy – yep soy is not good for you — it wreaks havoc on your hormones and is a GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) food
* canned fruit
* dairy products
* white grains such as rice and white bread
* corn
* processed foods
* alcohol
* caffeine
* soft drinks
* sugar
* artificial sweeteners
* fruit juice
* stress
* smoking
* drugs/antibiotics

If your body is too acidic and you want to restore it to a healthy pH level, try eating 80% alkaline forming foods with 20% acid forming whole foods. This recipe is the perfect combo of acid and alkaline foods.

You can test your pH levels yourself using standard pH strips which are available on Amazon or in the majority of local health stores. Make sure you do a urine test though, as testing your saliva can be quite inaccurate. Now let’s get into the great benefits of having high alkaline levels in the body:

* high energy levels
* high performing immune system
* less pain and inflammation within the body
* quicker recovery from injury, this is why it is so important for athletes to have healthy alkaline levels. You may have noticed in Nick’s interview with Glen Thurston that Glen mentioned that he alkalises his body every morning with chlorophyll
* glowing skin, healthy hair and nails
* slows down the aging process
* healthier teeth, bones and joints
* lower cholesterol levels
* better digestion

So what else you can do to raise the alkaline levels in your body? These are some of my tips:

* Add more high alkaline foods into your diet each day. Here is a great detailed list of foods that are alkaline and acidic

* Drink chlorophyll – as Glen Thurston mentioned in his TANR interview. Chlorophyll is the green pigment found in plants and you can buy this in liquid or pill form.

* Eat your veggies, especially greens, kale, spinach, broccoli, cucumber, celery. When you are eating kale, broccoli or spinach, make sure you lightly steam them first as they can be very harsh on the stomach when eaten raw

* Try adding a tablespoon of fermented vegetables to one or two meals each day, this will not only raise the pH levels in your body but fermented veggies are a great natural probiotic which equals a happy, healthy tummy. (You can also get probiotics from a greens powder)

* Start adding a fresh, cold pressed green juice or a green smoothie to your diet every day or every couple of days. Here is a recipe for celebrity nutritionist Kimberly Snyder’s Glowing Green Smoothie  I have this every day and usually make a huge batch every Sunday — enough to last me for a week. It will last in the fridge for about 2 days and I freeze the rest and defrost it when needed

* Drink hot water with half a lemon squeezed into it every morning – this may seem strange as lemon is an acidic fruit; however, once it enters the body it helps to balance the body’s pH levels and helps set up your digestion for the day

* Try and drink around 3L of filtered water a day. You can also buy alkaline water or purchase an alkaline water filter which will help raise your pH levels even more. If you are in Australia there is a great affordable alkaline water brand called Alkalife (Link: that you can purchase at health food stores and some fruit markets, or you can check some different Alkaline waters out on Amazon. Putting some pink Himalayan salt and lemon in your water will help with raising the alkaline levels as well

* Limit your sugar intake or quit sugar all together. There are many great tasting, healthy recipe alternatives to your favourite sugary treats out there that use natural sweeteners or a little bit of fruit to sweeten it. I have quite a few recipes like this on my blog, or if you want to give quitting sugar a go, check out Sarah Wilson’s website for some great tips

* Stress can also cause your body’s acid levels to rise so doing things like meditation, yoga or deep diaphragm breaths when you are feeling stressed out are a great way to keep your body in a calm state

This may seem like a lot to take in and do at once, but try not to stress too much about it (don’t want to get your acidic levels rising) Try implementing one or two of these tips to start with and you will quickly notice an improvement in your health. The most important thing is to make sure you are adding fresh vegetables into your diet everyday and eating foods that are closest to their natural form.

Easiest way to kick off your alkalization process? Get rid of coffee in the morning, and instead, start with lemon-infused water…

If you have any more questions on this topic or anything else health related contact me at

Happy Alkalising!


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