This is What it Was Like to Train in Muhammad Ali’s Boxing Gym (VIDEO)

A lesson in finding the right environment to cultivate talent… by Nick West

Muhammad Ali

Photo via Biography

Boxing and martial arts gyms all have their own flavor. They can be cruel environments only interested in sharpening top talent and brutally discarding anyone unwilling to put in the hours to be the best. For a fighter to rise to the top levels of the sport, all of the perfect elements have to come together. In Muhammad Ali’s case, he was luckily able to find an environment complete with open-minded trainers willing to cultivate his highly unorthodox style.  Not all high potential athletes find their perfect training grounds, with many succumbing to the close-mindedness of just a few veteran coaches.  The video below gives you an inside look into the shop that forged one of the greatest athletic weapons of all time.

It makes you think…are you in an environment that is best suited to help you thrive given your strengths and weaknesses?

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