Proud Mother (of Miranda Kerr), Author, Speaker and Health Aficionado Talks to Us About Her Health Philosophy and…

The responsibility parents have for their children’s nutrition, and her plans for the future… by Mia Uren

This week’s guest is the lovely Therese Kerr. The very proud mother of Miranda and Matthew Kerr, Therese is an author, speaker and ambassador for holistic family health, as well as General Manager of KORA Organics by Miranda Kerr.

In 2012, Therese co-authored and launched her first e-book with Jennifer Barham-Floreani and Chef Kate McAloon called “Lunchbox Solutions” and will be releasing another four books by the end of 2013.

Therese shares more about herself and her family along with some lovely affirmations below. Also check out her delicious recipe for Quinoa Pilaf.

Have you always lived a healthy lifestyle? If not, what was the turning point for you?
I have always, or rather thought I had always been really healthy. In 2002, my body, after giving me signs which I chose to ignore, developed tumors in my spleen. That was a turning point in my life. Going through an experience like that is such a highly personal experience, I have never felt so alone, although I had the support of my family and friends, it was an extremely personal battle that I had to endure myself. The insight into my body, spirituality and life itself was incredible at this time. I nurtured my body to wellness, after having a splenectomy (my spleen removed) and have since lived an organically rich life – living and breathing all things healthy.

What does your daily beauty routine entail?
I use the KORA Organics certified organic products (naturally) as I know the extent of the work that went into the development of these products. Miranda is, like me, a health nut – predominantly brought on by my illness. The KORA Organics products are making a huge difference to people’s skin and also their lives. They are incredibly highly nutritious, anti-oxidant rich, power packed nutrition. Everyday I cleanse, tone and moisturize (morning) and of an evening I do the same but I add in the Luxurious Rosehip Oil. I also use the Recovery Eye Gel morning and night and I also use the mask twice a week and the exfoliating (to remove the dead skin cells) three times a week. I had Rosacea in 1999 and my Rosacea disappeared within 10 days of using the KORA Organics products.

As a mother, what were some health tips you passed on to your children?

  • Only eat healthy oils
  • Only drink filtered water (at least 2 litres a day)
  • Always eat plenty of greens and alkalising foods
  • Treat your body with respect, take time out to nurture it and to appreciate it fully, giving it adequate rest (including enough sleep), exercise and don’t stress – stress is something that will cause you to age prematurely.

What advice or tips do you have for parents who have children that are fussy eaters, to try and get them to enjoy healthy food?
As Jen Floreani says and as we point out in our book: “Lunchbox Solutions” – one thing that should not be flexible on is providing an adequate diet for our family. Our children’s health depends upon our stand in providing them with the adequate nutrition their bodies need to grow big and strong. We say elect “Food Captain” and we recommend that you enroll your children by including them in making healthy choices and preparing healthy meals. Education with our children is the key to them having healthy bodies and minds, and to them being the best they can be in all things.

I know that affirmations play a big part in you and your family’s life, which I love! What are 5 of your favourite affirmations?

“In every breath I take, I live my life passionately”

“I am the creator and master of my universe. I live from the point of view of gratitude every day and the universe provides me with abundance in all things”

“I am the possibility of compassion, understanding, power and love”

“I am surrounded by the people I love, I am supported by the universe and I create my life daily”

“I am a loving, giving, compassionate human being and I make a different to this world, and I love the difference I make”

Your new ebook Lunchbox Solutions – co-authored by Dr Jenn and Chef Kate has the most delicious recipes in it. Where does your inspiration come from when you are thinking up new recipes?
Without a doubt when I create new recipes I am interested in firstly, ensuring the recipes supply the body with incredible, antioxidant-rich nutrition that nurtures and supports the body. There is a big difference between diet and nutrition and I talk about this in my new soon to be released book “Live Loving Life”. Diet is the food we actually consume, and nutrition, on the other hand, is the nutrients absorbed from the food we eat. To me, as parents we have a responsibility to provide our children with highly nutritious food and the only way we can do this is if we educate ourselves. In todays society there are so many chemicals and additives in our foods, the incidence of Autism, A.D.D, A.D.H.D and the like as well as childhood obesity and other childhood illnesses are becoming so apparent and I believe this is predominately because of the lack of nutrition in the foods we give our children and ourselves. Personally I always try to eat certified organic, healthy foods that support my body, my mind and my overall general wellbeing.

Screen Shot 2013-09-26 at 11.14.06 PM

What new and exciting things do you have planned for the future?
We are releasing “Breakfast Solutions” in the very near future. Our goal in doing so if for parents to provide not only themselves but their children with a nutrient-rich breakfast that will sustain and support their bodies. When we give our bodies the nutrients it needs we have higher energy levels, better concentration and get to experience the general wellbeing feeling of being alive and lit up by life.

What delicious recipe would you like to share with us today?
Quinoa Pilaf with Coconut Sultanas and Lime

You can find this interview and more amazing health content at Chia Mia Blog!

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