Here’s the Intro to ‘Reading Rainbow,’ Because. Reading. (VIDEO)

Butterfly in the sky, I can go twice as highhhhh… by Nick WestRR

Sometimes, you just need that extra push to get you going on your next reading adventure. This youtube throwback is your road to reading greatness. Back when this show was super hot, I wasn’t even a huge reader yet. But, I remember the intro being so fantastical, so whimsical, so impossibly perfect that I literally didn’t have a choice but to watch the guy from Star Trek tell me about all the newest tales that would take me to far away lands, and maybe, just maybe, earn me a personal pan pizza through Pizza Hut’s BOOKIT! program. (Is that how that worked? I don’t remember.)

Yes, this guy from Star Trek (real name Levar Burton), was also the kind-hearted host of RR.

So, let’s get a little conversation going. If you’re reading an awesome book right now that you’d love to share. Then, put it in the comments. I for one, am reading a book about the Junk Bond explosion on Wall Street in the 80’s called Predator’s Ball. It’s super fascinating, although I don’t think Levar would approve of the financial antics going on at the time.

Rrrrrreading Raiiiiinbowwwww

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