These 10 Mac Apps Will Make Your Computer Do Things You Didn’t Think Possible.

See which app increases the volume of your Mac past MAXIMUM LEVELS…by Allie Gold
RemoteMouse turns your iPhone into a computer mouse!

SnapNDrag. Screen capture made easy. So crucial during hangout/FaceTime sessions (wink face).

EverSave. Punching mac crashes in the face! Essentially, this app autosaves your documents for you at time intervals that you configure and control.

Caffeine. The creators of this lovely app personify our computers by giving the computer caffeine to stay awake. In other words, this app is used when you want to keep your computer from falling asleep. It is very compatible and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to use with the website app LogMeIn or iPhone and iPad app LogMeIn, where you can remotely access one computer (say, the laptop you accidentally left at home before work in the morning that has your powerpoint presentation for the afternoon board meeting) with your work computer or with your iPhone or iPad, and transfer those files remotely. But you must have your home laptop on and running, and Caffeine will make that happen.



Speedy. Need to access specific documents, applications, workflows, folders, or anything you’ve recently cut/copied/pasted very often and very quickly? Speedy makes that easy by putting a little bunny icon on your desktop’s toolbar so that you can access the documents, folders, applications, and more that you put in Speedy.

Automator. Ok, so your Mac already has this extremely useful application built into its OS. If you use Speedy to access a website that you visit several times a day but need to log in to the site in order to use it, create a workflow using Automator so that your Mac opens the site and logs in for you at the click of a button. This is so much easier than constantly typing in the website name into your browser’s address bar, or searching through your bookmarks to find the website, and then on top of that having to type your credentials to log in. I also used Automator to make my home life and work life separation easier: I created a workflow that, with one click, turns off or turns on my automatic password (once I step away from my Mac and it goes to sleep after five minutes of inactivity), so that, if I want my password to come on when I step away in my office I don’t have to constantly go into my System Preferences and turn it on, and then turn it back off when I’m at home and don’t need my computer password to come on.

BetterSnap Tool OR Spectacle.  The choice here depends on your preference for sizing windows to your liking, with ease. The former uses your mouse to drag and snap to a certain size at a certain part of the screen, whereas the latter uses simple keyboard strokes. Both are customizable, but the defaults are the easiest and most efficient.

RemoteMouse. You must have this app on the iPhone as well, as it turns the iPhone into a mouse and keyboard. Caveat – your iPhone and your Mac must be on the same WiFi network at the same time. This app is critical (if you don’t have Apple TV) when your Mac is playing a movie on your TV and you don’t feel like getting up to dim the Mac screen. Or when you’re taking notes on your computer, take a quick break to grab a snack from your kitchen and another point pops into your head – you can easily add this directly and immediately to your notes.

StifleStand. Ok, not really efficiency related and it’s technically for the iPhone, but it sure is useful. If you hate that the Newsstand app on your iPhone can’t be put into a folder as much as I do, then download this app to your Mac.

CCleaner. Mac seeming a bit slow lately? Clean it! This app will remove all cookies, caches, potential bugs, and more, so that your Mac is running at its healthiest and most efficient rate.

Boom. Ever think that your Mac could definitely be playing xxx* louder? Well, it can. Download Boom immediately. It bumps up your Mac’s volume significantly. Life complete.

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