10 Websites and Free Chrome Browser Apps That Will Instantly Transform You Into an Efficiency Nerd/Technology Expert

I’m an efficiency/technology nerd. This is how I run my life on my computer….by Allie Gold

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Panic Button. (Chrome Extension) Scared of getting caught looking at something NSFW while in your office? Install this simple Chrome app so that your boss doesn’t see you checking out your ex’s bikini pictures on Facebook.  After installation, simply set your keyboard shortcut in the Chrome extensions manager, and use that shortcut to temporarily hide the web pages.

Tab Scissors. (Chrome Extension) Some call me a multi-tasker, some call me tech savvy, some call me insane, but I enjoy having 15+ tabs up on Chrome at any given time. Ok, I lied, people only refer to me as insane.  But this app comes in handy when you want to separate the tabs in half so that you can see what sites you actually have up. In, conjunction with Speedy for Mac, Tab Scissors also helps when comparing things on different websites so that you can quickly see the comparison side-by-side on two different Chrome windows, instead of switching back and forth from one tab to the other.

IFTTT. (Website) The ultimate life hacker app and one of my personal favorites. This site’s name is an acronym meaning “If this, then that”. After you allow the site to have access to your all of your social media accounts, news platforms, and some personal contact information, it will literally “Put the internet to work for you”. It can automatically archive tagged photos of you on Facebook and put them in your DropBox account (or email you, clip to Evernote, save to Pocket, etc.). It can send you an email when your WeMo is activated (worth looking into, by the way).  It can send you a text message when the weather is going to be warmer than that 70 degrees you were planning on running in later in the afternoon.  In a board meeting that you’ve been dreading all week? IFTTT can fake call you to give you a reason to sneak out. You can send random Wikipedia articles to your Feedly at 6:30 AM so that you wake up to a new fact every day. And there’s way more where that came from. Check out my shared recipes here.

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Mint.com. (Website) This site links to your bank accounts and monitors your spending with pretty graphs. How else would you be able to focus on budgeting after you realize that you spent 40% of last month’s income on crappy bar food? Yeah, that’s embarrassing. It also helps you budget, allowing you to take note of what needs to be saved in order to meet certain goals such as purchasing a car or planning for a new house. The site also can also send you texts if you exceed your allotted budget for the month or quarter.  You can download this on your iPhone and iPad too.

Hype Machine. (Website) Finds the hype in the music word and aggregates the songs onto one site. You can also search for songs, find music through the “popular” (top rated by users) lists, follow specific blogs you already know you like, or search through genre lists or friends’ “liked” music.  The Hype Machine radio show also sets the scene for the month of new music and features interviews with various artists.  And they have an iPhone app for streaming music too.

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Hype Machine

SwiftPreview. (Chrome Extension) Without clicking any links or pictures to see a larger version, this app zooms in on the link or picture for you.  This app is for the lazy Facebooker – so basically any American citizen – who doesn’t feel like clicking through multiple friends and albums and photos on their friend’s hot cousin’s twin sister’s profile page just to find that one bathing suit picture everyone’s been talking about at work/school.  The app allows you to lay your mouse over any link or picture to preview it (without clicking, and the link or photo blows up and zooms in or fills the screen depending on your preferences) while remaining in the current window.

Facebook and Shareaholic for Pinterest Social Media buttons. (Chrome Extensions) The Facebook button allows users to quickly access their Facebook notification feed and it also provides a quick link to their Facebook home page. The Pin It button for Pinterest simply allows you to quickly pin anything you see on your browser at a given time to any of your pin boards on Pinterest.

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Rapportive. (Chrome Extension) The quickest way to use Gmail as a stalking device. (I may or may not stalk people at this point). This app for Gmail allows you to see all information about the person with which you’re emailing on the right hand side of the Gmail page.  The app shows the person’s picture, Twitter Name, LinkedIn and Facebook profiles, and other contact information.

IBA Opt-out (by Google). (Chrome Extension) Does your Mac battery drain super fast when you use Chrome? IBA Opt-out (by Google) prevents Google from displaying interest-based ads while you use Chrome, allowing sites to think less about you and do more for you, while saving battery life. You also may want to try installing FlashBlock (this prevents any flash related content to start doing its thing automatically, such as automatic videos or interactive properties in a website).

WhereToGet. (Website) This website features mostly clothing and accessories for women who see something they want on the street or in the media, but don’t know where to find it. Now you can put those sketchy pictures you took of that phenomenally dressed woman on your 6:35 AM train (who’s style you’ve attempted to emulate but have failed miserably) to good use.  By submitting pictures of clothing or accessories that you see to this website, other users on the site will advise you regarding where she bought her blouse, and you don’t even have to strike a normal human conversation with her! Congratulations, you’re on your way to becoming a certified stalker!

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  1. petemckenna
    February 21, 2014 at 3:25 pm

    I created a simple, small extension for Google Chrome that will permanently add the Facebook opt-out cookie to your browser, even if you delete cookies!

    Here: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/facebook-iba-opt-out/fdegohmelloaffiiaihofgoilplciepn?utm_source=chrome-ntp-icon

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