A Quick Thought On How to Deal With Uncertainty

…From our resident athlete and yogi, Meg Gillmer

“If you worry about what might be, and what what might have been, you will ignore what is.” -Unknown

Life is full of unknowns and maybe how we approach the uncertainty can make all the difference. I find myself slipping into the anxious, worried end of the spectrum with the unease and discomfort.

But what if I could work with the uncertainty; buddy up and think of it more as an adventure and endless possibility?

Those words already help bring calm. We don’t have control over everything in our lives and that’s ok; it’s learning to make peace with that notion which is difficult. Releasing the grip on the reigns and embracing whatever comes my way isn’t as easy as it sounds, but certainly something I’m working on. Letting go of expectations of plans about how things were supposed to turn out and being in the present moment, because that’s all we have.

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