You’re Missing Out On The Most Natural (And Weird) Way to Reduce Stress

Getting a little weird and dirty with some ‘earthing.’  … by Paige Geffen

I went to the bookstore the other day and picked up “We’re Getting On,” by James Kaelan.  I didn’t get far into it before my ever-enticing phone distracted me.  Then my computer lured me in.  Before I knew it, I was texting three people at once while g-chatting another and online shopping for shoes I can’t even afford.  My timing is impeccable – this was the last paragraph I read:

 “I needed to go somewhere remote and uninviting, where I wouldn’t be disturbed.  For a long time I’ve wanted to retire to the country.  The city – its lights, its ineluctable machines – has exhausted me, physically and morally.  I’m not looking for a quaint house with a garden.  I want instead a refuge from everything I’ve ever learned or done or been reliant upon.  One cannot prevent advancements, but one can remove himself from the parade.”

Do I want to remove myself from the parade?  Sometimes.  Other times I want to be in the parade, engrossed in it, consumed by it.  Our culture is intoxicating.  So much so, that sometimes I feel like I’m gasping for air.  Stress.  Anxiety.  Fear.

Self-induced problems.  What do we do about these constraints?  We connect – not to the Internet – to our roots.  The solution lies in the natural world around us that we often neglect.  We spend so much of our time indoors in man-made buildings where we have everything at our liberty.  But don’t we need to be outdoors, to feel the wind in our hair and the warmth of the sun on our faces?  I’m not suggesting we completely forgo our phones and computers.  I want to embrace the culture we live in, not erase it.  But I don’t need to go into the wild and call myself Alexander Supertramp to feel free.  I can take off my shoes and walk on the ground to release some of that tension.

It’s called “earthing,” and I urge you to do it.  Take off your shoes.  Plant your feet on the ground.  Put your hands in the soil, sit your butt on the dirt and maybe even let your jeans get muddy…let’s get weird and dirty.

You just may feel more tuned in to your intuition when you allow yourself to get a little messy.  Doesn’t it feel good?  Ahhh, now you can exhale.

More about the benefits of earthing:

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