This Website Adds Fear + Your Hard Earned Money To Motivate You to Stick To A Goal.

Are you motivated by fear? Do you prefer the stick over the carrot? Do you want to stick to a goal? Then this website might be for you. …by Nick West

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We all have goals that for one reason or another, we just cannot stick to. “I’m going to re-learn French after testing out freshmen year of college regardless of the fact that I invested 6 years of my life to the language beforehand.” -Said me every single year post-graduation.  Je suis la jeune fille. I am a young girl. That’s all I remember. I am also not a girl, or young (relatively).

Muzzy Throwback. promises to help you keep to your goals by tying your commitment to an “Anti-Charity,” i.e., the fear that if you don’t stick to your goal, your hard earned money will be automatically deposited into a Pro-Choice charity (assuming you’re pro-life), or any other of their listed beneficiaries.

Developed by “Yale University economists who tested the effectiveness of Commitment Contracts through extensive field research,” the site has you 1) Define a goal, 2) Pick your stakes (where you assign an amount, give them your credit card information, and choose your anti-charity), 3) Choose a ‘referee’ who will keep you honest, and 4) Choose supporters (friends) who will help you stick to your goal.

Stickk was founded in 2007, but we haven’t gotten around to using it like we told ourselves we would. (get it?) Have you/would you?

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