We Interviewed This World Class Watermen on Fearless Living, Spirituality, Entrepreneurship, and a Winning Morning Routine.


Conquering your fears, visualization, and fitness wisdom from our new friend from Australia, Glen Thurston … By Nick West

Glen Thurston, hailing from Australia, is a world-class watermen, wave rider, fitness enthusiast, and entrepreneur.  As a fellow lover of the ocean, I’ve admired Glen’s calculated approach to tackling some of the heaviest, technical waves around the world.  While he may have that raw talent that most professional athletes possess, it’s evident that the seriousness to which he takes his physical, mental, and spiritual self are what enables him to project a zen-like style in connecting with nature and harnessing the unpredictable power of mother ocean.  Check out the trailer to Glen’s film, Battle Fit below and wander on over to ID.boards.com, the bodyboarding company that he started from scratch. Now get motivated by Glen’s words..

TANR: In order to ride some of the most hectic waves in the world, you have to overcome some level of fear. (Unless, you’re not human, which might be the case) What is your mindset before paddling into a wave, at say, Shipsterns? What’s running through your head? How do you overcome that fear? 

Fear is an emotional response empowered by a spirit to leave you weak at the knees and incapable of pressing on. You can attempt to fight it, ignore it, embrace it or destroy it all together. Some of these techniques i can’t exactly share, but i personally think most of us should learn how to make decisions and keep moving forward even when Fear is all around you.

To do this, i repeat out loud, who I am, and what I’m here for. I remember testimonies of previous victories, and re-live the experience in my mind. I think on all the good things that could happen/can happen. I exercise and warm up my body so that i feel physically confident. Then i put my trust in something real, that i believe in and step forward, head on into that circumstance.


In the belly of the beast

You recently launched a bodyboarding company.  With what some would describe as a saturated market, how have you looked to differentiate your brand? 

I had a rather specific and overwhelming series of dreams that encouraged me to start ID. Boards. It was never a smart business idea. However what man can say no to his Dream and really live? Here i stand, eyes fixed, excited and ready for whatever may come my way. Believing that I am part of the solution for our sport. Its called living differentiation. If thats a word?


Glen with the fruits of his creation at ID. Boards

Deciding to take the leap into making bodyboarding your profession, especially in a sport as generally underground, is a daring proposition. What made you decide to pursue bodyboarding full time?

My two brothers and I live and breathe ocean sports, activities and adventures, we all have a really healthy balance and bodyboarding has always been central. I don’t think there has ever been a time where i thought that i would stop bodyboarding.  So maybe it was God that lined up my professional career, who knows? All that matters is what i do with it, what i leave for the next generation and how far i can push myself and the sport into new levels of performance.

For someone looking to pursue a passion — maybe even drop everything they’re doing right now (current job, hobbies, location of work), what advice would you give to someone looking to make what they love, their life’s work?

Be the best you can be, look at yourself with sober judgment, make a good decision on where you are at with your passion. Seek help, mentoring and direction from an outside source. Be willing to become nothing repeatedly in order to become something of worth. Some people are born with talent, while others have to work there butt off to get somewhere. Find out what you are and prepare yourself to go the distance. Because no one leaves a Legacy if they burn out before the finish.

You’re definitely one of the fittest pro watermen in the world. When and why did you decide to make fitness (strength and & cardio), a staple of your foundational training?

Thats a very honoring statement, and the truth of fitness lies in your consistency, i know that you can lose the edge a lot faster then you gain it. So my main strength would be constant daily exercises. I was fortunate to have a pretty radical accident as a young boy, which kickstarted my training habits very early on. So training seems very normal and even common in my life. I have had seasons where i go above and beyond to attain a certain level of fitness for my own personal achievement. But its consistency that makes the difference.


Oh yea, he can fly too.

Oh yea, he can fly too.

Who are your mentors who have helped you to take your career to the next level? What’s one important piece of advice they’ve given you that you’ve lived by?

I have several father figures in my life that have made all the difference. They trained me as a man who could lead a nation. So grateful. You wouldn’t know them so they can remain nameless, but my family and close friends have been great assets to my career and success. It sounds soft but Love and relationship is the advice. Cultivate them both and you can’t go wrong.

For someone desperate to make fitness and nutrition a priority in their life, but can’t seem to stay on track, what advice would you give them? 

 I would have to have a relationship first and walk in there shoes to know how to really help. There are no easy solutions for some people.

 Describe your morning routine. What do you eat? How do you ensure you set yourself up for an energy-filled day?

First thing every morning is a glass of Water mixed with Neways Green Qi, Newvera and chlorophyll, followed by a cucumber. This alkalises my body. Then Rye Bread toast with avocado and banana.

I bring fruit with me and a Neways Acai shot for an extra burst energy.

Glen’s most recent film: Battle Fit

How did you educate yourself in the world of entrepreneurship enough to feel comfortable taking the risk of starting your own company, ID. Boards.

It runs in our blood, my whole family is like this, so its not such a big deal. I don’t think it takes a genius to build a company, but a really good team.

ThereAreNoRoads seeks to supercharge it’s reader’s self-motivation. As a parting question, if you had to choose one quote that helps you to ruthlessly achieve your goals, what would it be? 

 Let go and let God.

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