Is This The Greatest Existentialist Bummer of All Time?

Living life with more intensity…by Paige Geffen

Jason Silva’s “Existential Bummer” video states, “Perhaps the greatest existential bummer of all is entropy.”  It deserves a watch.  Why?  Because maybe entropy is not such a bummer.

Silva mentions that because everything is impermanent, we feel melancholy when we are in love.  There’s “a sadness to the ecstasy” because we may feel nostalgic for something we have yet to lose.

 If we accept that everything is ephemeral and that there are no guarantees, we can dive in and experience life with more intensity.  Laugh louder.  Love harder.  So we also feel melancholy when we are in love.  Great.  Why do sadness and pensiveness have to be negative?  They don’t.  We can also embrace our experiences of pain and loss and desolation and sorrow.  This is what drives us to write, to make art – to share our inner spirit with the world, which is exactly what Silva is doing.

So how will you try to extend a moment to live forever?

Start by watching the video below:

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