How to Make Your Bed

How one simple act creates a ripple effect… by Timothy WestScreen Shot 2014-01-16 at 9.56.24 PM

I would lose or misplace my wallet so often that I decided to do this to it^^

That’s not the sad part either… The real deplorableness is that that’s not even my phone number. It’s actually my dad’s cell phone number because my irresponsibility soared to a height so great that the thought crossed my mind, “what if I lose my phone and my wallet at the same time and the person who finds my wallet can’t get in touch with me?!”

I’m 21 years old and about to fly half way across the world to spend five months studying abroad in Australia. My dad brought up a good point: If I lose my wallet in Australia, there’s no way I’m getting it back. He went on to suggest “maybe it’s time to tighten up that area” of my life. So instead of doing what I normally do and make a note to myself to be more responsible, I took physical action.

I went around to the friends I have always admired for being super neat, organized, prioritized, and most notably, responsible. I asked each individual how they maintain such an orderly lifestyle and how they never lose their wallets or break their phones. None of them could pinpoint a certain formula they follow so I had to dig deeper. Ahh yes, nature vs. nurture! Are you born to be responsible, or are you raised to be responsible?

What I realized is that each one of the friends I questioned all had one very particular thing in common. Super.Clean.Rooms. Their bedrooms, closets, drawers, dressers, nightstands, desks, shelves, you name it – it was organized. Each one of my friend’s bedrooms were not just rooms, they were systems.

After this beautiful moment of enlightenment, I raced home and converted my bedroom into the OSX Mountain Lion of systems. At any given time, no matter what, my room is spick n’ span. You will never see an article of clothing unless it is folded away in my dresser or hung up in my closet. If I take my boots off they go straight into the deoderized shoerack, even if I know I’ll be putting them back on soon. All my hats are filed together in a row like you walked into the snapback section of Foot Locker. Most importantly, my bed is always made to look beautiful, neat, and welcoming.

On average humans will spend a THIRD of their lifetime in bed. After years and years of staring down at messy sheets, screwed up comforters, and misplaced pillows, that disorganization will subliminally transcend unto the rest of your life. I’m no scientist, and there’s no way to back up the claim I’m making, but the two months since I’ve been OCD’ing about my bed and the rest of my room I haven’t lost or misplaced my wallet, keys or phone.

It takes such little effort to keep things clean once you’ve put the work in to making it a habit. For me, it’s gone a longer way than I could have ever imagined. Make that bed and radiate an energy of organization, or find some other facet of your life that you’re consistently living in (work desk, back office, dorm room, etc.) and everything else will follow in order like you’re Melvin friggin’ Dewey.

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