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Working in the world of e-commerce and online marketing, I’m always interested in young entrepreneurs who are looking to innovate in what seem to be saturated and mature markets.  Innovation continues to accelerate into every nook and cranny of the business world. Being an early adopter of new technologies is now a pre-requisite. Those who are taking risks with bleeding edge technology and marketing strategy, are the ones who are breaking through, like the young CEO that I interviewed for this piece.

It’s also no secret that I’m willing to try any product that won’t damage my long or short term health in order to gain a mental or physical edge. I have reviewed both brain supplements and hangover cures, all in the name of self-improvement. I recently learned about Optimind, a nootropic supplement that has been creating quite the buzz and sounded just unique enough for me to want to try for myself. The company certainly seemed confident in their product, as I was able to test it out for 14 days at only $3 (the cost of shipping). If the company was confident enough to incur the costs of manufacturing and shipping, while only charging me $3, I was confident enough to try it. However, following the interview, I was given limited time rights to offer you the opportunity to try it out completely free. Meaning, zero risk just for you to give their product a try. That certainly makes things easier! 

My Experience with OptiMind

Similar to my experience with Alpha Brain, it removed the mental fog, and gave me a subtle clarity that I can only describe as inducing simple, free-flow thinking. The biggest difference that I noticed from Alpha-Brain, was that the effects were much more immediate. I felt the effects and an obvious improvement in focus, within the first hour of taking OptiMind.

 Now, these types of “supplements” or “nutraceuticals” are not regulated by the FDA. Instead, only their individual ingredients need to pass regulation, as is the case with most supplements. Overall; however, I’m of the opinion that the FDA will not take the time to regulate these nutraceuticals, mainly because they don’t know how to evaluate or promote, really, anything that’s healthy. (Zing —- the FDA is a joke).  The way I see it, we take different vitamins, (for example, in the morning, I take a Fish Oil combined with a D3).

These supplements, are mainly concentrated doses of vitamins, minerals, low-dose stimulants and herbs, combined with a calculated blend of nootropics that our brain reacts to by rewarding us with alertness and increased focus, just as D3 allows me to sit in a cubicle, avoiding the sun for most of my life, with little to no chance of me turning into a vampire. Optimind seems to have put together a well-balanced formula that leaves you focused, yet calm. 

Interview with the CEO of OptiMind

So, being a creature of curiosity (as usual), I decided to reach out to the CEO of OptiMind ( to discuss the product and business. Not only was I surprised by his willingness to discuss the business with me, but I was equally surprised to learn that he’s such a young guy, who partnered the business with another young entrepreneur, (Matthew Piskorz). They have both been committed to traveling the world, as they build the business, which is admittedly, envy-inducing. However, I would soon find out that this was not simply travel, for the sake of traveling. As you will read below – they are taking inspiration from different cultures to build a company with a laser-like focus on lifestyle marketing, perpetual self improvement, and providing a unique, high quality product. These were not just some kids looking to get rich quick. I was pretty impressed by their genuine passion for their product, business, and vision to help others.

…Now, enjoy this interview with CEO and Co-founder, Lucas Siegel, who describes his experience building a company in a competitive market, while navigating some of the most exotic and interesting places, few of us have ever been…

 OptiMind Answers

TANR: OptiMind is a great product, but it’s definitely joining an established market of nootropic supplements. What sets it apart? 

Lucas: There’s a few things that differentiate OptiMind from anything else on the market today. One is that OptiMind is not joining the nootropics market, it’s joining the American market. What I mean by that is nootropics are a niche, but they have not really spread through America like they should, as compared to coffee or prescription smart drugs. Part of the reason for this is that nootropics companies are mainly advertising to people who already know what a nootropic is… Which is less than 1% of the U.S. population. OptiMind is used by hedge fund traders, CEO’s, doctors, students, mothers and all kinds of people who are making a difference in the world. You would be surprised to learn about many high level professionals that regularly take nootropic supplements. By not chasing after the over-saturated nootropics market, we’re ironically going to be the first nootropic that people accept and understand. We are letting our competition fight with each other while we go for a much bigger market, which is essentially the entire country.

Everyone’s brain is wired differently, so one stack (editors note: a ‘stack’ is used to describe a combination of nootropic supplements used to achieve a desired effect) may work great for some people, while for others, it may be completely ineffective. That being said, a huge thing that sets us apart from other nootropic companies is that we actually take a loss in order to let people try it, which I think this is really important. So many competitors have ridiculous price-points and I think it is unfair to ask them to pay up to $75 to try a stack, which may not be the perfect blend for their neuro-chemistry. This is why, we are offering our trial pack of OptiMind caps for Free, exclusive to only a few sites that now include, Focus Here and Now and There are No Roads. Additionally, the trial pack will ALWAYS be available through our main website for only $3. You simply won’t find another company willing to let people try their product for free. We eliminate the risk and let people decide for themselves.

TANR: As traveling entrepreneurs running a growing business, some might say that you’re “living the dream,” but what have you found to be the toughest part of running OptiMind while perpetually on-the-go?

Lucas: Overall, building OptiMind while on-the-go is a really cool way of running the company because it allows us to think way outside the box. That may sound cliché, but it really is true. Our best and our worst ideas both come to us while we’re traveling, which makes for a great start-up environment, since it’s just as important for us to find out what doesn’t work as it is to know what does.


optimind nootropic supplement ideas

Inspiration in Vietnam

When we started OptiMind, we were on a beach in Vietnam and coded/designed the website while overlooking Vietnamese kite surfers. If you go to the site you can see that the design is different than many of our competitors and that’s entirely because we were in an atmosphere which was different and that inspired out of the box thinking. The best thing about traveling and working is that it creates a mind frame where all things are possible.

new optimind bottle

The NEW OptiMind Bottle

Lots of people have a skewed reality of what it means to be an entrepreneur and it stems from unrealistic expectations from people like Tim FerrissTim Ferriss’s, The 4 Hour Work Week is one of my favorite books of all time and it inspired me to become an entrepreneur, instead of going to law school. But with that being said, it gave me false expectations. Starting a company is so much harder than described in that book and it really does take twice as long and three times the amount of money, as expected. I do love my life, but I would not necessarily call it “living the dream.” We work more hours than almost anyone I know, and that’s just a reality of running a company that you want to dramatically scale. Taking the time-saving principles of The Four Hour Workweek and applying them, definitely help with productivity, so I can get more done in less time, but that time never really stops.

Lucas goes on to explain…

Here are some specific drawbacks of working on-the-go:

Scale - Having a decentralized team makes it a bit trickier to scale a company because the group dynamic and synergies really do shine the brightest when everyone is together.

Exhaustion - Constant travel is tiring. Vacation is relaxing, but traveling for business is exhausting and there is a massive difference between the two. If you add traveling and the exhaustion of running a company, it can sometimes gets overwhelming.

WiFi - Because we are an Internet company and decentralized, we are slaves to good WiFi connections. We were in Bali for the month of March and it was so frustrating not having reliable Internet that we would have to hang out in the lobbies of fancy hotels just to poach WiFi connections for hours on end. Not having good WiFi while running an e-commerce company, feels like not having your phone in your pocket. Imagine being without a phone as a Real Estate agent, a business owner, a stock broker, or even as a stay-at-home Mom, these days. These technologies have become essential to more effectively work those jobs.

Lack of long-term connection with people - When you live in one place all the time it gives you the ability to search around the city for like-minded people and take the time to get to know them. When you travel constantly, it means that you never actually get to enjoy a deeper friendship and connection with people that only time can create. This hits home from a girlfriend point of view too, it’s really hard to have a deep romantic connection with someone when you know that it’s temporary. Investing heavily in something you know will disappear, makes you not want to do it at all, and then you become distant with relationships that so many other people area able to enjoy and cherish.



Co-founder Matthew Piskorz hoping that Spirit Airlines will have a sense of humor.

TANR: In speaking with you about OptiMind, you’ve mentioned that its effects are more subtle than a pharmaceutical drug. When do you find it to be the most effective, and in what situation above any other situations, would you suggest someone take OptiMind?

Lucas: OptiMind is not about masking your mind, its about unleashing it, which is the biggest difference between our product and pharmaceuticals. OptiMind is also more subtle than pharmaceuticals because it’s not an amphetamine, and it’s healthy for you. If you want to focus and have energy but don’t feel comfortable taking drugs because of the health concerns and the psychological damage it can do, then OptiMind is the perfect tool for you. The whole premise of OptiMind is that you can work really hard and accomplish more than others without having to give up the amazing parts of “you” that truly make you who “you” are. Every time you take a prescription “smart drug” or prescription ADHD medications like Adderall or Ritalin, it activates one part of the mind and drops the other (creativity). OptiMind allows you to focus without having to deal with the unnecessary trade-offs, including uncomfortable side-effects.

TANR: Both of you are young entrepreneurs who didn’t have any background in nutrition or “nutraceuticals.” How did you ensure that your product has the right mix of ingredients to ensure max efficacy?

Lucas: Great question! The efficacy of our formula does not come from us, it originates from the science that the world’s best neuroscience researchers have developed for our ingredients. We worked with a GMP (Good Manufacturing and Laboratory Practices) certified lab out of New York and compiled 50 years of neuroscience research to create a formula that provided the best cognitive effect with the science to back it up. OptiMind is not a new invention. The ingredients that are inside have all been tested and scientifically proven. What we did was make sure that they were combined in a safe, consistent and healthy way which is the responsibility of any entrepreneur who wants to introduce a new product.

LucasThai optimind

Lucas in Thailand

TANR: In the process of building your company, what’s the biggest mistake you’ve made, and how do you ensure that you never make the same mistake twice?

Lucas: We have made lots of mistakes. The first one that comes to mind is becoming a victim of fraud. When we first launched we were using press releases to work on our SEO and get media attention. After the release, we were approached by “Wellness Magazine,” who wanted to run a story on us and gave us a proposal to advertise on their website and e-newsletter. We were so naive and excited that they wanted to do a story on us, we did very little due diligence on their “supposed,” 90,000 person email newsletter with 30% open rates. Once we paid them and the story launched, it sent us less than 30 unique viewers and all of them were from Poland. In other words, they were a scam.

What did I learn from this?

1. Follow your gut.

The mind is the best and can also be the most misleading tool you have in your body. Your gut instinct is your soul telling you what to do. The whole time this happened, my gut was telling me to stay cautious and I ignored it.

2. Do your due diligence on everyone.

This includes getting things like raw Google analytics data and calling people who you know have worked with them. If they will not give you things like analytics, stay the hell away from them. If it sounds too good to be true, in most cases, it probably is…

3. Get every agreement in writing.

To ensure that mistakes like this do not happen again, we force ourselves to stop and meditate on the root cause of the problem, so we can identify it immediately. Patterns come up and if they are identified, mistakes can be avoided. One thing that really helps us stay out of trouble is to not act like a victim. If something bad happens to you, learn why it happened and how you could have avoided it. There will always be shitheads out there that want to strike you down. Learn to identify them and remove them from the equation, stay focused on your goals and providing the best possible products to truly help people, because that is your job.

canada nootropic research trip

Canada – Boardin’ the choppa.

TANR: Looking to the future, would you say that OptiMind is simply your flagship product over a host of other products? What is your thinking about where you would like to take the company?

Lucas: We want to bring great products to people who need them and break up the classic model of introducing brands to consumers, via retail stores. So many amazing products are not introduced to the world because the process of getting placement in stores is so expensive and restrictive to the same group of people. Just like Tim Ferriss used self-publishing to stir up a fire in the publishing space, we are launching products online to ignite change into retail.

OptiMind is the first product of many that we’ll introduce to try and make the world a better place.

TANR: As a company looking to focus on a lifestyle of perpetual self-
improvement, what do you do in your personal life to ensure that you’re always improving?

Lucas: Keep learning. No matter how good I get at something, there are always people who are way better and can help.

It’s an interesting balance, because you don’t want to be so open minded that your brain falls out from information overload, but also not so closed minded or stubborn that you are impeding the flow of new information and ideas. There has to be a central grounding to get things done, while still saving room for expansion. Learn the skills and specific specialties of the best in the world through their books, networking and anything else you can. Be thirsty for information.

TANR: What is your overall philosophy on consuming supplements to make us operate more efficiently?

Lucas: Certain parts of our brain can be used for specific tasks. Therefore, if you have a healthy way of optimizing it, I see nothing wrong with it. A supplement is a general term and it depends entirely on the kind of ingredients and lifestyles embedded. The reason why OptiMind can be taken every day is because it was designed that way, in order to power your lifestyle. Other supplements can be harmful for daily use, which is why I can’t speak to them.

TANR: Any final comments or suggestions to anyone that is potentially looking to try out OptiMind?

Lucas: Anyone who drinks coffee to stay alert and on their game, should try OptiMind because it is truly a much better solution. If you are curious about whether it can work for you, give us a shot. Why? Because you literally have nothing to lose. As I mentioned, we have decided to cover the costs, just so you can see if it’s right for you. There is no other company out there that provides samples of their product to try before you buy. At best, you will get a “guarantee” from them that is usually filled with a lot of hassle. We recently went one step further and provided an exclusive offer through “There are No Roads,” that even eliminates the $3 fee, which is an offer that is always available through our main site. After trying, if you don’t like it, then cancel without a hassle. You have complete control and should you not wish to continue using the product, you can simply e-mail us and we will thank you for giving it a try. I truly believe in this product and have the utmost confidence that people will find it incredibly beneficial. For me, it is worth incurring these costs, just to let people try OptiMind and decide for themselves. This is the evolution of health and cognitive performance, which is why we are getting so much traction. Drinking coffee to stay on your game is like using a Walkman to listen to music and OptiMind is the perfect way to bridge the gap.

** If you’d like to try out OptiMind for FREE, click this link to order OptiMind Today! **

As always, please feel free to comment below with any questions, comments, suggestions and/or experiences you have had with nootropic supplements or specifically, OptiMind. I am always interested in hearing your feedback and understanding a general consensus about the topics discussed here at There are No Roads!

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