How To Save Your Orphan Child From a Gang of Hungry Jungle Animals

Thinking less, doing more… by Nick Westjunglebook

The first order of research business that I attended to in the writing of this “soon-to-be viral” blogpost? I click ‘Next Page’ at the bottom of the TANR website, so I could go back and find out the last time I actually wrote something.  December 10, 2013. A proverbial piece of garbage blog post referencing the youtube video of the intro to ‘Reading Rainbow.’ A weak attempt at evoking nostalgia  within the 90’s obsessed millenial generation.  A sheepish move on my part.

Since December 10th, I’ve relied on other good friends and contributors to keep the pulse of this site, that I’ve always thought was my baby, alive and kicking. (Thanks, peepz) But, with each passing day since December 10th, I came up with one excuse after another as to why I couldn’t post something, thus contributing to the malnutrition of my now wandering orphan child, Mowgli, lost in the jungles of who-knows-where.

It was bigger than this though, my lengthened delay was actually a microcosm of the procrastination and excuse machine that my self-improvement obsessed self has been looking to avoid since I graduated from college.  Now, I’m starting over again.  Actually, I started over again last week by writing a long(ish) blog post, that I ended up hitting ‘trash’ on after spending two hours to write, only to realize that my scribbling had gotten so rusty that I was afraid of the impending criticism that I’ve gotten in the past…

Like this comment on a post I wrote in mid-2013:
Screen Shot 2014-02-20 at 5.50.18 PM


(Dude looks like a lady — OOO, got em!!! (My immediate mental reaction to this particular h8r))

Another roadblock between the cargo load of food I’ve been carrying on my back and my bloat-bellied blog. (Everyone seeing how my internet child is evolving here??)

Finally, it hit me. What had I been doing for the past 3 months instead of writing? Thinking. And what does writing require? Typing.  Typing while thinking.  Thinking and typing simultaneously as a virtual ballet. Simple, really. Two verbs.

My problem, in retrospect, was the lack of just that one word. Nothing more and nothing less, than a lack of typing (doing).  A lack of breaking down my courage block into the simplest terms.  Most of the time, our problems don’t need a well-thought out diagnosis treated by a complex concoction of barbiturates.

Most of the time, we just need to do. We need to simply say “sorry” to the people we’ve wronged. We need to look at that plate of carbs in front of us, and say, ya know what “I ain’t gonna finish you…I’m a leave some for tomorrow. I’m a split you into two meals….No hard feelings.” We need to realize that the voices outside of our goals and areas of fulfillment are just vapor.

Need another reinforcer on the topic of doing instead of thinking? Did you hear about the guy who just became a billionaire selling his 5 YEAR OLD APP TO FACEBOOK FOR $19 BILLION?! Guess what? He came up with the originally vague idea, and the first thing he did? He incorporated WhatsApp Inc. before even writing the code for the app. AKA, he didn’t even have an app yet! He just knew that this was the first step to doing. Before his genius idea? He was without a gig for the previous year and was rejected for a job after interviewing at…Facebook.

We just need to realize that we’re avoiding something that can ultimately make our lives better. Something that, when broken down into two words, suddenly doesn’t seem so scary. Quit over-thinking things and start doing what we know will make us better humans. Do those things that make you realize that maybe, just maybe, Mowgli should have been raised in a home, and not in a jungle, where in reality, his furry friends would have eaten his ass up so fast, Disney would have had second thoughts about producing the documentary that we now call The Jungle Book.

Queue, Aerosmith:

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