The Art of the Six Second Video and How Vine’s Unknown Celebrities are Absolutely Killing It.

Hidden talent in 6 seconds or less… by Melissa West


I’ve always been one to hop on social media band wagons fairly early on in their inceptions. For instance, back in early 2009 there were approximately 18 million twitter users, one of those being myself. Today there are over 500 million twitter users. I think it is safe to say that I adopted Twitter early on, albeit with a very embarrassing entrance.

Did I take the time to think about my first tweet and boldly declare to the world that I had arrived on the twitter scene and exclaim how happy I was to be there? No. I sent a tweet to someone who I thought was Leonardo Dicaprio and told him how much I loved him and appreciated his work on The Departed. Needless to say, this was pre-certified accounts era and I was most likely confessing my fandom to an obese hoarder from North Dakota. This tweet would later make me the brunt of a joke amongst all my friends, who when they all joined Twitter about a year later, found the tweet, then made it their Facebook statuses in a successful attempt to shame and embarrass me.


 I was one tweet away from creepy fan art levels

Without further ado, this brings me to the next social media invention of which I have adopted and totally love and embrace; one which also happens to be owned by Twitter. “Vine” is a video sharing app with the same scroll-through layout as instagram, running each vid on a loop (an aspect that creative types have taken advantage of in cool and amazing ways). Despite Instagram’s entrance into the abbreviated video realm, Vine remains the hub for creative individuals exploiting the infinite possibilities of the micro-film.

Here’s what I love about Vine… Bieber has the most followers on Twitter. Rihanna has the most followers on Instagram. Nicholas Megalis has the most followers on Vine. Who the hell is Nicholas Megalis? He’s this hilarious unknown kid from Brooklyn with the comedic genius of Jim Carey circa 1997. Vine is a place to discover new, original talents and opens your eyes to a world of smart, witty and imaginative people whose creativity would otherwise go totally unnoticed. Vine makes me happy because it celebrates truly creative videos and not those of overexposed celebrities. So next time you find yourself wanting to pass the time by scrolling through your instagram feed full of blurry #tbt toddler pics, I highly suggest downloading Vine and giving it a whirl. You will love what you see.

To get you started, here are a few popular users who have found Vine fame…and deservedly so.

*scroll over each video and click the sound icon to turn on sound.

Nicholas Megalis
Followers – 
1.8 milliion
Known for: ‘Why?’ series, hilarious raps, TMZ spoofs

Rudy Mancuso
Followers – 1 Million
Known for: Characters such as Isaac & Alberto, Lion King spoof, musical numbers

Jerome Jarre
Followers: 1.2 million
Known for: awkward encounters with strangers, being hilariously French

Followers – 154.7k
Known For: moving sketches, art animation

Curtis Lepore
Followers – 735.8k
Known for: comedy sketches, his dog buster beans

Daniel Ojantlava
Followers –  13,800+
Known for: animation utilizing iphones, DVD’s that come to life

Marcus Johns
Followers: 1.6 million
Known for: Voices, physical comedy, sketches

Vincent Marcus
Followers: 475k
Known for: Celebrity impressions ie Russel Brand, Homer Simpson, and more

Did we leave out any of your favorite Vine-lebrities?

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