We Spoke with the 14 Year Old Entrepreneur Solving One of Your Childhood Issues in Our First ‘Kickstarter of the Week’

Emerson Walker cleared his Kickstarter goal with 12 days to go!


Kickstarter of the week is a continuing series where we highlight our new favorite burgeoning company/product/service/creative endeavor through Kickstarter’s crowdfunding platform.

Idea: mPlanner – … “An academic planning application that helps parents guide their children to develop effective planning skills.”  …”The mPlanner syncs with assignments from school portals (such as Schoology and Blackboard), and presents each assignment to them to “triage” into a study plan. The app also benefits parents by providing them with a parent interface, allowing instant access to their child’s schedule so they can be on the same page”
(Via Kickstarter)


Why we love it! Building a new product is a tough proposition. Building a product at 14 is uncanny.  Plus, we wish we had a cool app that took the thinking out of syncing our crazy schedules when we were younger. BUT, we are thankful that we did not have instagram when we were 14. We’re happy to have let those awkward years go undocumented.

Favorite Perk:

We also shot over Emerson a couple questions, to hear straight from the young tech entrepreneur, (remember his name, people):

What is your biggest fear in launching mPlanner?
My personal greatest fear is that I will not get the app built to the type of quality I originally wanted it to be.



How in your words, will this help our readers?
This product would help your readers by helping their students/children to learn to plan more effectively and in that process it could even help them. Like helping their grades improve, and even making a sports team, because they showed up to their practices on time.

What’s your next step after Kickstarter?
The next step after my Kickstarter is to get developers. We will most likely get them from an organization called INTERalliance, which is made up of high school students looking for a job in programming. Then, they will make a very low quality version of my app on the computer.

What’s been the biggest mistake you’ve made in creating your product, and what did you learn from it?
Since I have only had the project for almost a month now I haven’t had too many major mistakes. But, the first thing that came to mind is my sisters had an ipad with a bunch of their favorite You Tube videos on it and it somehow linked to my mPlanner twitter page and all of their “favorite” videos came under my videos and pictures tab!

Pure entrepreneurial excitement. Love it. Good luck, Emerson!


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