Jim Carrey & I Had the Same Life-Altering Realization (Oprah Post: Continued)


Jim Carrey Calls Eckhart his Personal Muse

Before you read this post, read Part 1: HERE

This life-changer is titled ‘A New Earth’ and it is written by Eckhart Tolle.  As I described in my previous post, it caused nothing short of a seismic shift in my well-being, and how I see the world. Quite literally, after reading the book, it was as if I had pulled the veil off of everything I had been missing. Cliche phrases like “stop and smell the roses,” suddenly had deep, infinite meaning.

Every once in a while, I’ll fall out of this mindset, and the awareness of that misstep helps me to understand how important being ‘egoless,’ and aware of ‘the present moment’ can be to our health, both mentally and physically. These are two topics that are lynch pins in Tolle’s philosophy.


Example 1: The other day, I blacked out.  (And no, this was not at 2am on Saturday.) Quite the opposite. I left a stressful day at work at around 6pm, and began the walk towards the metro (that’s DC for subway). At some point between the 2 block walk, and the unending escalator ride, my thoughts began to race. Did I answer all my e-mails? What’d everyone think of the training I ran in the morning? Oh shit, am I going to have time to get lunch with a colleague who I haven’t seen in a month? I’M ALL OUT OF PRESSED KHAKIS AND THE DRY CLEANER IS CLOSED!!

The next thing I know, I’m 3 stops from home. I wake up from my daze of unproductive, worthless thoughts.  I legitimately tried to think back to the beginning of my commute and had lost a good 6 minutes of my life. Why?  Was I going to accomplish anything by feeding the anxiety ridden stream of utter irrelevance? Absolutely not.

So what happened to me there? Essentially, I lost a complete grasp of the present moment.  In the process, I invited my good ole pal, “stress” with me on my commute.  Like the back-stabbing friend that stress can be, it sapped my energy, I got tired, I made an excuse and skipped my workout, took a nap, that turned into mini-slumber, which then turned into a bowl of late night Butterfinger ice cream (not too mad about that one), which then turned into a lackluster tomorrow.

We all let our thoughts race.  During times of increased drama, i.e., a recent breakup, we can’t stop thinking about what the other person is doing, how they feel… are they happy? Do they miss me? All the while, you’re walking through a beautiful park, or out to dinner with your friends while your mind is stuck in the past, or worse, some hypothetically constructed world of “if’s” and “maybes.”

In ‘A New Earth,’ Tolle so perfectly describes why this happens to us, the consequences of living like a thought-ridden zombie, and the opportunity we have to begin living in the present moment.


Seeking: The awareness to notice dopeness like this

This thought-ridden mindset is a thing of beauty. I remember after re-reading the book for the 3rd time, about 4 months after moving to DC, I looked up at the metro ceiling, and stared in awe at the architecture and form of the structure I was standing under. I had never really noticed it before. It was an absolute shame.  What else had I been missing? It’s a wonderful thing when you’re able to enjoy and employ curiosity again.  Seeing with childlike wonder will renew your energy and help awaken you to the positivity and beauty that we so often miss out on.

It should be noted, that Tolle’s insights are nothing new.  Founded in Buddhist-like principles, he is inspired by the practices of meditation, living in the present moment, and achieving happiness.  However, he is able to convey this to the present day society in an understanding, and light-hearted voice. It is relatable and the ideas are sticky. If you are open-minded, and the type of person who seeks out ways to make their life better, then Eckhart’s message is for you.

In my follow-up post, I’ll be diving a little bit more into the concepts in ‘A New Earth,’ but I first encourage you to buy it, by clicking on the aforementioned, underlined title.  I am so adamant about people giving this book a read that I will give one of my copies away (yes, I have multiple copies) to a randomly selected person who shares this on twitter (or retweets my blog link), or shares/likes my most recent Facebook update. (Page views are not flooding in…yet, so you will have a good chance)


Jim Carey Talks About His Tolle Realization (This is awesome, take the time)

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