I Went to The Screening of Oxygen’s New Weight Loss Show and What I Experienced Changed My Perspective on Health Motivation.

Not your typical ‘Biggest Loser’ experience … by Ali Wood
BFR3I am not an overt fan of reality tv. I choose to watch things, in my mind, that have ‘substance’ — something I can learn from, you know, worth my time.  In no way whatsoever was I prepared for my Tuesday night intimate screening of Oxygen‘s newest show “My Big Fat Revenge. ” Whatever you do, do not let the name of the show fool you. I shared an evening with this show, these people, this producer, and all of their insane, unbelievable, motivational stories.

MBFR  takes you on a journey of weight loss as a ‘means to an end.’ An “end” for these inspirational women, meaning, an end to harmful bullying, an end to stereotypes and an end to personal suffering that they had battled for the majority of their lives. From the producer of the biggest loser, My Big Fat Revenge, is an intimate look at a cast of overweight women who become motivated to become healthy and return to an enemy, someone who who told them they couldn’t do/be what they wanted, to say “I told you so.”


Corny right? Absolutely not. I was completely invested in their stories and background, and I am a tough, jaded, NYC critic.

I also want to caveat the “revenge” aspect of this series. These revenges aren’t harmful or as harsh as one would think. Yes, at times I was like “whoa, is this Punk’d, where is Ashton?” But, after their radical body, spiritual, and mental transformations, they had one on one confrontations with their tormentors, got to the core of their insecurities and received heartfelt apologies they so desperately needed to move on and continue their positive trajectory.

Screen Shot 2013-08-28 at 9.52.58 PM

And move on they did. I got a chance to talk to the women of the show and the producers. They explained their continued motivation, family, children, self motivation, to keep the weight off and keep pushing forward. (Can I also mention that Bo did push ups in 5 inch stilletos at the event? Werk it gurl.) The producer also shared his plight of his family’s weight battle, many of which who were upwards of 100 lbs overweight. This also struck a cord with me. Motivation and messaging doesn’t stop with what we see as viewers. Behind the scenes I got a deeper lesson and understanding on why this producer continues to produce this content. His, along with the show’s cast, push and drive was so inspirational. It was genuine. It was authentic.

This Tuesday night on the Lower East Side at the Culture Fix changed my perspective  on these ‘weight loss reality’ series. At least this one did…this one just got a season-long viewer.

-Ali Wood


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