‘Here Comes the Warmth’ Spotify Playlist (We Will Not Miss You, Winter)

Top down, windows up… by Nick WestScreen Shot 2014-04-23 at 12.00.44 PM

If you’re from the East Coast, like I am, you were absolutely brutalized this winter by polar vortexes, ragingly aggressive snowstorms, and the downturn in everyone’s moods as a result of this particularly angry mother of nature.  But now, there’s hope. Spring is doing it’s thing, and with that comes the windows-down, tune-blasting, feel-good music, specifically tuned for your warm-weather listening. So, being the music junkie that I am (my ‘Year in Review’ on Spotify determined that I listened to music for 20% OF THE ENTIRE 2013 calendar year), I’ve created this playlist for these warmer times.

Enjoy my friends!

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