Every. Single. Great. Album. That. Came. Out. In. September. (And our October Playlist…)

September was an amazing month for music. What’d you miss?… by Nick West
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Phantogram: Photo by Alexander Stein 

I found myself drowning in new music in September.  I could barely keep up. Just kidding, it fueled me. It enriched the first month of Fall, and it made life better. I’ll look back on this month as the peak of 2013 music. Unless October, November or December are better. So, here are all of the great albums that I got into this month, along with their full playlists, AND our NEW OCTOBER PLAYLIST (at the bottom)!! Praise the music gods.

Volcano Choir: ‘Repave’
For all the people who like the idea of like Bon Iver, but can’t quite stay awake to enjoy them. This is the lead singer’s other band. And you will rock to this.


Holy Ghost!: ‘Dynamics’
Making you feel funky.

J Roddy Walston and The Business: ‘Essential Tremors’
Baltimore rock n’ roll band that gives me hope for rock n’ roll. Play while drinking an American beer.

Kings of Leon: ‘Mechanical Bull’
Some dull moments on this one. But, the shining ones make this another very playable KoL record for me. Caleb’s voice embodies authenticity. You just can’t manufacture that.

Drake: ‘Nothing Was The Same’
I can’t not like Drake.  I just can’t do it. The opening track is so fire, I almost decided to start a rap career. Then I realized a lack of street cred would create a very low glass ceiling.

 The Bones of What You Believe
Blog heroes turned real heroes. Great debut.

Phantogram: ‘Phantogram’ EP
I have a love affair with this band. This EP should hold me over for a bit. So good.

Dr. Dog: ‘B-Room’
You’re just gonna feel like you’re in another decade.

Arctic Monkeys:
Many call this their best album. It’s also their 5th album. Do you realize how rare that is?

Delorean: ‘Apar’
Dance music that uses instruments. From Europe.

 Haim: Days Are Gone
Three sisters in a band. They’re going to get obnoxiously huge in the next 3 months.

AND our OCTOBER PLAYLIST! It’s a melting pot of our top picks from each album. Be sure to ‘follow’ on Spotify:

 Check out last month’s playlist here: The September Playlist Will Soothe Your Soul

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