A Host of New, 2014 Tunes/Albums That Will Get You All Jacked Up On Life

I want to play these songs while driving cross country in this car … by Nick Westlebaronwoodie

Tis’ the music that binds us my friends…and 2014 has kicked off with some truly groovy tunes. If music as a whole was a commodity to be traded, it’s stock would be soaring for Quarter 1.  It’d also be sure to run you through the emotional meat grinder.  From Rick Ross’s new album Mastermind  that’ll have you contemplating your Breaking Bad aspirations, to the Wild Beast’s and Real Estate’s new groove thang’s, you’ll be wandering aimlessly through fields of the utopic unknown before you know it.

I, for one, already cannot wait to roll down the windows in my imaginary 84′ Town & Country Lebaron convertible, giving these tracks a warmer, happier, polar-vortex-free environment in which to roam.

Behold, my favorite albums & tracks of 2014, thus far:

Gardens & Villa – Dunes
True Story: I saw these guys open for Polica. The frontman was wearing a leather satchel-backpack, and pulled out a flute mid-song, and just ripped a groovy flute solo.  This album is dope.
Favorite Songs: Minnesota, Colony Glen

Real Estate – 
Hazy music for your next road trip, or next time you simply want to  trance out while gazing into the corner of your living room.
Top Tracks: Crime, April’s Song

Phantogram – 
They’re the cooler version of all the synthy female-led bands you’re already listening to, a la Chvrches, Grimes, etc.
Favorite Tracks – Howlin’ at the Moon, Fall in Love

Rick Ross – 
Tracks to bump when you feel like actin’ a foo.
Favorite Tracks: Sanctified, The Devil is a Lie

Wild Beasts – 
Present Tense
Beautiful voices, and even more beautiful lyrics.
(Full album not yet available on Spotify)
Favorite Tracks: Palace, Wanderlust

Beck – Morning Phase
He’s back, and dreamier than ever.
Favorite Tracks: Morning, Blue Moon

Bombay Bicycle Club – So Long, See You Tomorrow
Overdone immediately blew me away and became my workout song of 2014. The rest doesn’t disappoint.
Favorite Tracks: Overdone, It’s Alright Now

St. Vincent – St. Vincent
I’m fairly convinced she’s one of the most talented musical artists alive right meow.
Favorite Tracks: Digital Witness, Birth in Reverse

Bonus: Odesza – Summer’s Gone
(Came out 2 years ago, but slipped past me. Great sounds for summer listening)


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