Michael Kiwanuka is The Next Huge Music Act, And We’re Okay With That (9:30 Club Show)

“We told you so.” – (TANR in 2014)


9:30 Club, Washington DC July 31st.

“Whatever you do in life, you have to be inspired to do it,” Kiwanuka softly spoke to the crowd after he finished his second song this past Wednesday at the 9:30 Club in Washington D.C. Music runs in Michael’s veins – you can feel the authentic love for his art as it’s so seamlessly woven into the DNA of his beautiful, soul-rich music.

Kiwanuka’s performance had everyone in the crowd smiling at each other with the silent understanding that we were all being afforded the wonderful opportunity of seeing a superstar before he exits the comfortable intimacy of a small-medium sized music venue tour.

Kiwanuka Live in 2012. This will give you the shivers.

Think Otis Reding, Marvin Gaye, and Jimi Hendrix (of whom he thanked after playing one of his covers), all wrapped up into as mature a musician as you can be at 26 years old. It’s a bold claim, and one that I’m firmly standing behind.  Kiwanuka’s sounds are what you play to prove to your parents that music is indeed, still alive.

Having opened up for Adele during her 2011 tour, Kiwanuka is the classic case of delayed popularity waiting for the UK-USA gap to finally close before being catapulted to the top of the festival circuit.

…Listen to Kiwanuka’s 2012 Full Length, Home Again, below: (Personal fave: ‘Tell Me a Tale’)

-Nick West

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  1. Phil Manning
    August 5, 2013 at 11:15 pm

    mathias is better #giants

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