October Music, November Playlist. 8 Awesome Albums That JUST CAME OUT. (And Our November Playlist)

Three months in and we can proudly say that our monthly playlists are world famous.. by Nick West & James ScottScreen Shot 2013-11-02 at 11.31.25 AM

…Mostly because some guy from a country we can’t pronounce found our site by mistake and ended up on one of our playlists. Regardless, we love digging up the newest music, and this month’s list of albums features some the best names in music *cough* Paul McCartney & Van Morrison *cough*. Enjoy each of these new albums, and be sure to follow the November playlist at the bottom for a couple favorite tracks from each of these albums, plus a bunch of other tunes curated by our resident TANR music connoisseur, James Scott.


Paul McCartney – New
TANR’s Take: P-Cart (Our nickname, don’t steal it) slid this one through without much notice. Some absolutely beautiful songs. Gosh, that voice feels like a warm silk blanket.


Son Lux – Lanterns
TANR’s Take: ‘We lost it to trying’ is one of our favorites tracks of the year. Nuff’ said.


Arcade Fire – Reflektor
TANR’s Take: Good times with a bongo. We believe in this album, despite what one writer says.


Sleigh Bells – Bitter Rivals
TANR’s Take: More loudness. More tunes for working out and head banging.


Polica – Shulamith
TANR’s Take: Baby. Making. Music.


Pusha T – My Name is My Name
TANR’s Take: You had us at Clipse.


Van Morrison – Moodance [Deluxe Edition]
TANR’s Take: 58% of our readers will probably or have already used one of these tunes as their wedding song.  Gotta love a deluxe re-release.


 Danny Brown: Old
TANR’s Take: Hip(ster) – Hop.


St. Lucia – When the Night
TANR’s Take: Tasteful 80’s inspirational dance music.


…And now, our November Playlist:  A combination of our favorite songs from these October albums + some other grooves that we hope you’ll enjoy:

If you missed last months albums and playlist, check it out here: October Hitz

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