Sound and a Story: Lost in the Trees

Creativity in loss and rebuilding… by Ryan Ulbrich

Lost in the Trees is an anecdote of loss and rebuilding. Thier second album, A Church That Fits Our Needs, was dedicated to the suicide of Karen Shelton, a visual artist from small-town North Carolina and mother of the band’s lead singer, Ari Picker. The essence of Ms. Shelton’s life was tragedy.  She was in an abusive marriage. Her twin daughters died at birth. She survived breast cancer but was left without hair and full of scarring. And following the wedding of her only child, Ari, drove home and took her own life. In tribute, A Church compiles twelve tracks, each a separate story to remember her by.

Picker admits the writing was difficult and cathartic, but to finish was to acknowledge her courage, and to celebrate the life she always deserved.

“A beautiful garden blooms
My dearest one
And your love carried me through today
I’ll give you the moon
Dearest one
And your love carried me through today.”

Favorite Track – Red

Album Goodness: A Church That Fits Our Needs

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